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Dog behavior, Don’t Let Others Spoil Your Dog’s Training

Thursday, December 3rd, 2020

Pet owners run to dog trainers for help if they are having trouble disciplining their dogs. As much as you love your dogs, you have to be stern with them. Otherwise, you will suffer the consequences. Dogs look up to you because you are their master. But if you don’t take the role of the leader, they will take your place. Trust us, it happens quite a lot. When your dog starts taking charge of the household it’s going to be complete chaos! Rule of thumb, love your dog but don’t spoil him. The following are examples of what’s going to happen if you spoil your dog.

Big Dog Intimidation

If you have a big dog all the more you have to train him. Remember, dogs aren’t aware of their size. Without proper training, your dog can easily destroy furniture or flatten you. Your dog may even be strong enough to break barriers. Some homeowners get intimidated by the size of their dog and as a result, they forego training. Keep in mind that training is your responsibility. A dog that isn’t trained usually exhibits fear responses and with enormous size, we are certain you’re going to have a hard time handling him.


When you choose a dog, don’t just look at how cute they are or how adorable they look. When choosing a dog as your pet, you have to do your research and learn about the breed, meaning you must look beyond their physical characteristics because if your lifestyle doesn’t match with your dog’s breed instincts, you are going to have a problem. Dogs that are short-snouted aren’t capable of doing high-intensity exercises because if you force them into doing intense exercises they’ll overheat. Therefore, if you’re an outdoor person who loves to work out, you should consider finding a breed that matches your energy.

Damage By Chewing

It’s natural for dogs to chew. In fact, they chew on anything! They could chew on your shoes, furniture legs, pillows, computer cords, anything! This is a destructive behavior that needs to be addressed ASAP because not only will it damage your possessions but it can also chip their teeth, tear their gums, or worse, choke them! Don’t allow your dog to continue this kind of behavior. To distract them, give them a safe chew toy to gnaw on. Never give them bones that could potentially splinter, rawhide, and ice. If you don’t have a chew toy you can give your dog an old pair of shoes you no longer wear.


Another habit common in dogs is digging. They love to dig. Now, this is a problem if they start digging in your beautiful garden because it will destroy the landscape. What are you going to do then? Don’t scold your dog if he already dug up a hole in your garden, only do it when you caught your dog in the act so that they can associate it with bad behavior. If you do it too late, they won’t be able to understand why you were upset.


Mostly, the reason why your dog is acting out is that he just wants your attention. When you decide to have a pet make a commitment to spend time with your dog. If you’re really busy, then at least provide your dog with some stimulation and entertainment like puzzles, games, and exercises. You can also keep them preoccupied. You can teach them new tricks or by training them. You can hire professional dog trainers to do this on your behalf. Dog training can be really challenging so before you attempt to do it yourself, you have to know that you may not always get it the first try. It would probably take weeks or months before your dog masters tricks or obeys commands.